Super Mario /v/orld

This is a collaboration hack created by 4chan's /v/ from December 6th, 2019 to Febuary 2nd, 2020. It showcases the work of over a dozen anonymous authors. While some levels are more vanilla inspired, others embrace more custom ASM elements. There are 41 levels, and 46 exits in total. Yoshi Coins save at midpoints, and at the end of levels too. You can also save your game any time by pressing Start on the Overworld. Please note that this hack features some colorful content at times that may not be acceptable for people of all ages, such as swears as well as crude/dark humor. Additionally, this hack is known to work best with SNES9x rather than BSNES//SuperNT/SD2SNES. With other emulators, you may experience crashes on SUPERBOWL SWITCH PALACE, and level names on the Overworld will not update.

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