Super Mario /v/orld 2: Moot Point is FINALLY HERE!

The SMW Rom Hacker known as 4chan returns! From the /v/ board yet again, this is a collaboration hack created from August 1st 2020 to September 28th, 2020. It showcases over 70 levels from over 30 different creators. New to this hack are custom resprites, which are based around memes and injokes from various eras of 4chan history. There are also a dozen original ports created for this project by a few Porter Anons. This hack is also decisively harder and more ASM-oriented than it's predecesor. Yoshi coins save at midpoints and at the end of levels. You can also save any time on the Overworld. Included in the .zip lastly is a wonderful boxart made by one of the artist Anons.
Do note that this hack does have mature content in it, such as swears, and dark/crude humor.


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